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Betsy Helmuth

Stunning and Functional Home Office Design Ideas

Yes, you need a desk, chair, storage, organization. Of course you do. But you know what else you need? Verve! What’s verve? Vivacity. Energy. Vitality. Plain and simple, verve is the stun factor. How inspired do you think you’d be working in a brown cardboard box? Not very. So spice up your space using these stun-worthy ideas and you’ll never want to leave your home office. Imagine the work that’ll get done.

7 Design-Worthy Zoom Virtual Meeting Tips

Are you still taking meetings in your PJ’s with a faux background of Bali behind you? It’s been over a year since we’ve all been working from home and spending copious amounts of time on Zoom. It’s time to take your Zooming to the next level. With Betsy’s easy to follow tips (as recorded on her podcast) you can put your best foot forward in no time!

Sitting in style: office chairs you need right now

If there’s one piece of furniture that gets overlooked and undervalued, it has to be the office chair. You pull up a dining chair, folding chair, or that that beach chair from the back of the garage and before you know it your back is screaming. We think you deserve to park your butt in something more comfortable, stylish, and permanent.