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Office interior Design
Your Smartest Investment in Commercial and Office Interior Design
Meet the best kept secret in Metropolitan New York for
transforming office and commercial interiors. Create
impressive, workspaces without breaking the bank.

Efficient, Expedited

Wow Your Clients and
Inspire Employees

Reasonable Rates and
Exclusive Discounts

Moving to a new space is hard.
Let’s make this the fun part.

You know your office interiors need to make the right statement about your business, but there are too many roadblocks to
finding a reasonable, affordable approach to interior design in New York. It feels like you’ll just have to do it yourself.

You don’t have to wait any longer

We believe every business deserves the increased revenue and productivity a great
design generates. That’s why we moved the roadblocks out of your way!

Gain the benefits
of great design

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Through practical,
affordable solutions

Impress Clients

A well-designed space increases their confidence and perception of your company’s value.

Inspire Employees

A comfortable, joyful space empowers collaboration, increases productivity, and makes long workdays more enjoyable.

Define Your Brand Identity

We help you define the visual elements which tell clients who you are in both your physical space and your marketing.

Save Money

Pay fair, sensible rates, take the tax
write-off, and access our industry
discounts on furnishings and decor!

Make Your Space More Functional

Where do guests hang their coats? Where do personal items go? What’s the operation flow for your employees? Make the space work better for everyone.

Get It Done Quickly

You don’t have time for a drawn-out
design process that drags on for months
past the original timeline.

Before & After

Take a look at some of our recent projects

Transform your workspace with our
nationally-recognized, 4-step award-winning process

Step 1Design Session

Either in-office or virtual, our designer helps you define your visual brand, draw up a new floor plan, and create a shopping list of furniture and decor pieces needed for your transformation.

Step 2The Reveal

Two weeks later, after doing the research and legwork for you, our designer reveals your complete design roadmap including a mood board, floor plan, and the furniture and decor pieces they’ve found to bring it to life.

Step 3Go Shopping

Access our industry discounts on furniture and decor via our shopping service. Then, you can implement the design roadmap on your own or have our team do the heavy lifting.

Step 4Voila!

Enjoy your lovely new space, and use it to promote your brand and inspire your team!

Start your transformation today
Office interior design by UPLOFTTM

Meet award-winning team UploftTM

Our small team of expertly trained
designers make a BIG impact.

In-person or virtually – from floor plans to
furniture to accessorizing!

We create a workspace you’re proud of.

Free Resource

5 Ways to Enhance Your Brand Identity and Build Productive Teams Through Interior Design.

Find out what top designers do to reflect a company’s
identity and build productive teams through interior design.

Learn what makes your workplace the jaw-dropping,
brand-defining, revenue generating space it’s meant to be.