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Shannon Major

Shannon is a graduate of the Uploft Interior Design Academy with a passion for organization and personalized interior design. As a former elementary educator, she possesses a unique skill set that allows her to create functional and welcoming spaces for people of all ages.


It is so rewarding to be able to support small business owners by turning their vision into reality. They are the experts on their brands/companies, so I love collaborating with them to create a space that is stylized, cohesive, and functional for their businesses’ unique needs.

My favorite question to ask is: how do you want your customers/employees to feel when they enter this space? First impressions are so important. The way someone feels when they enter a room can set the tone for their entire experience in that space. Business owners/company teams may not know how they want their space to look, but they almost always know how they want it to feel. This is a great jumping-off point for a design!

I am so inspired by Sunday Motor Co. Cafe in Madison, NJ. Their team has clearly worked hard to create a welcoming, unique, and all-encompassing experience for their customers. Set in an old auto-body shop, they’ve taken the retro, industrial vibe and put a clean, modern spin on it. I love that they’ve put the community at the heart of their space – car enthusiasts often gather at the cafe to chat and show off their vintage wheels! The floor-to-ceiling retractable windows (repurposed garage doors) add to the ambiance – you can enjoy delicious food and coffee while watching all the vintage cars that pass through the parking lot.