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Jeanie Lieber

Jeanie is a graduate of NYU with a degree in studio art. Her experience includes styling in the high-end vintage furniture design business and installation photography for magazines. With a passion for sourcing furniture and accessories to match a client’s style and budget, Jeanie loves serving Modern Office Design’s clients.


While a residential space really only needs to inspire the person or people living there, a commercial space should feel like something special to everyone who walks in. A place that’s open to the public that’s going to be seen and used by countless people should not only have the quality of materials that reflect that level of use, but the design should draw people in;  make them want to return and spread the word to their friends. 

On Long Island one of the places I am inspired by is Croteaux Vineyards in Southold. Here a French country feel meets authentic farmhouse style. They transformed this old barn into a gorgeously whimsical boho tasting room. Outside, there’s a mint green vintage Volkswagen bug and the old wrought iron furniture in the garden area is dappled in sunlight under shady cherry trees. Rustic picnic tables flank the grapevines where the sun sets – creating a golden glow over the whole scene.