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Anita Magyar

Anita brings over 20 years of design expertise to Modern Office Design. With an MFA in Scenic Design from SUNY Purchase and a BFA in Interior Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology, Anita blends artistic insight with formal training. Anita enjoys designing unique spaces tailored to clients’ tastes so they can enjoy their work surroundings and always feel productive.


I love taking a brand’s image from the logo, website, and purpose into their interior spaces, as it helps people to identify with that company on a more personal level and make it more tangible which influences their connection and experiences with the business.

Who is coming into the spaces and using them? Tell me more about your employees or customer needs, and what image or vibe are you trying to convey to them so we can make their jobs more enjoyable or the customer experience more impressive the minute they walk in the door.

I love both the Gramercy Park Hotel in NYC and the Ace Hotel Brooklyn, the first for its curated, high-end, one-of-a-kind handmade furnishings, which feel so luxurious and elevate design into art, the latter for its comfortable hip ambiance that mixes industrial, artsy elements with a current contemporary style that just feels cool.